Hoboken Cricket Club



Schedule :

9:00 am    Colts vs. Vets                 North Field (closest to entrance)
9:00 am    Philadelphia vs Expats    South Field
9:50 am    Expats vs Vets                North Field
9:50 am    Philadelphia vs. Colts     South Field
10:40 am  Philadelphia vs. Vets      North Field
10:40 am  Colts vs. Expats             South Field

Philadelphia Cricket Club
Tom Culp- Captain
Clive Anderson
George Connelly
Fred Levin
Hugo Mazzzalupi
Ritesh Nautiyal
Chris Spaeth
Jeff Yager

The Expats
Alastair Mackinlay- Captain
Darren Lee
David Madden
Ahmed Maqsood
Harish Sundaresh
Neal Thapar

The Colts
Vikkal Parikh-Captain
Azeem Choudhury
Mankaran Grewal
Sameer Gupta
Michael Maloney  
Adam Scholem

The Veterans
Ashutosh Thaker-Captain
Darragh Dempsey
Niramay Desai
Faisal Kazmi
Hafeez Saheed
Ramjit Singh
Match Format:

Teams will be made up of 6 players and will bat in pairs for a total of 12 overs.
Each pair will face 4 overs. Bowling will be from one end only. At the end of each over, batsman will switch ends.  Each bowler from the fielding side will bowl 2 overs including the wicketkeeper. No bowler shall bowl consecutive overs. The Non Striker’s crease will be approximately at the mid field line half way between the striker and the bowler. All run out laws apply.


All physical runs are scored including byes/leg byes and overthrows.
In the event of the ball leaving the playing area or getting lodged in the netting only 1 physical run will be scored.(This encourages rotation of the strike and prevents time wasting of having the ball being hit out of bounds intentionally).

A boundary will be any shot that the batsman hits to the back wall, the area behind the bowler. On the fly it will be 6 runs. If it bounces before hitting the back wall it will be 4 runs.

Bonus Runs:
Batsman must run at least one physical run to attain bonus runs.

2 Bonus Runs can be scored if the batsman hits the ball with the bat to the side walls and run a physical run (total of 3 runs) providing the ball remains in play inside the playing area.

3 Bonus runs if the batsman hits the ball with the bat, run a physical run and it hit the side wall, then the back wall (total of 4 runs).

No Bonus Runs are given to Byes/Leg Byes and Overthrows.

In the event of a No Ball, 2 additional runs are scored to the batting side in addition to all runs scored off the bat including bonus runs.

In the event of a wide 2 runs are scored in addition to any physically run bye.

Extras: Any ball pitching outside leg stump will be deemed a wide and 2 additional runs will be scored. Umpire will use the best judgment on the off side wide and intimidatory bowling above waist height which will result in a noball(2 runs)

Wides and No Balls will NOT be rebowled even in the last over.


All the basic laws of getting out in addition to the below apply with leniency on the lbw law. All outs will result in 5 runs being subtracted from the batting side.

Batsman can be caught out off the ceiling, side walls and front wall(area behind batsman).

Batsman will be out and will rotate strike after facing 3 dot balls. If the 3rd  dot ball occurs on the last ball of the over, batsmen will rotate strike as normal with the batting side being penalized 5 runs.

Fielding side will alert batting side after the 2nd dot ball.

 5 runs will be subtracted from batting side’s score in the event of 3 dot balls.

Timed Out: Batting Pairs should be ready (batting pads are optional) and appear within the playing area in 30 seconds. Any excessive time wasting and an appeal from the fielding side will result in a 5 run penalty to the batting side.

The next pair in should be the umpire and scorer/square leg umpire for the preceding 4 overs. For the final pair the opening pair will umpire and score.