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Hoboken Cricket Club - Annual Subscriptions Due

10 May 2019


We still have players who are posting their availability for the games, but haven't paid their membership dues. Highly encourage that you pay your subs as soon as possible as priority will be given to the members who have done the same.

Thanks, HCC



Hi everyone,

Friendly reminder to pay your membership dues before April 1st



Annual Subscriptions for the 2019 season are now due. $175 for membership $90 if you are a student. Fees are due before the 1st of April. Please ensure you send the money via PayPal to kpsharmahcc@gmail.com. You can pay in cash however our preference is that you use PayPal where possible 

Please note that we will be moving to Thursday evenings for nets first week in April and the price will be reduced to $10 for members, non members will continue to pay $15. Also for early season games preference will be given to those that have paid their subscription

Thanks all and looking forward to the season