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HCC AGM (Annual General Meeting) - 2020

13 Feb 2020

Hi Folks,


Hoboken Cricket club held its Annual General Meeting on January 25th  2020. Thanks to Darragh for hosting this year.

Please see the following updates and new appointments as a result of this meeting.


League Participation for 2020 Season

-          Club will continue to participate in NYCL and WSL after successful campaigns during 2019 season

-          NYCL – fixtures to continue on Sundays

-          WSL – fixtures to continue on Saturdays

-          An additional XI will be participate in the Commonwealth Cricket League (CCL). CCL is a competitive league and will have 25-30 over games on Sunday mornings

20 th  Anniversary of Hoboken CC

It is the 20 th  year anniversary of the club and we plan to commemorate this with a special occasion. Suggestions included a club dinner, picnic day out with family and friends and others. The club will announce further details on celebrations once appropriate dates and activities have been decided on. If you are interested in helping, please reach out!

Touring Schedule

Tours this year include Trinidad (March), Sarasota (November). Any further tour plans will be announced in due course.



-          A key initiative will be to move the club to a formal accounts set-up. Club members have been assigned to look into this and will report back on next steps.

-          Club officials to review storage facilities and cancel unused storage. 

-          No change to current membership fees - $175 (or $90 rate for Students)

-          Playing teams to cover food expenses out of match fees, club will not cover any excess going forward


Membership / Recruitment

Club membership was down from last year. Members agreed a renewed push for membership via social media and reaching out to friends/colleagues was required. It was agreed the addition of a 3 rd  team to give new and existing members additional opportunities to play was a positive step.


Club Officials for 2020 – Please welcome our club Officers

President: Darragh Dempsey

Vice President: Neeraj Kher

Treasurer: Kirti Kumar

Sunday Captain (NYCL): Hemal Chalishazar

Sunday Vice Cpt: Aniket Bezalwar

Saturday Captain (WSL): Gaurav Vyas

Saturday Vice Cpt: Saket Gur

Sunday Morning Captain (CCL): Darragh Dempsey

Sunday Morning Vice Cpt: Craig McIlwaine

Fixtures: Gaurav Vyas

Communications: Hardeep Jaswal

Social Events: Craig McIlwaine / Ron Rameshwar

Recruitment and Social Media Coordination: Sridhar Rao

Nets Coordinators: Aniket Bezalwar / Shahid Dalvi / Deep Kapadia



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