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🏏 Exclusive Update! Ready Cricket Bats (RCB) - Hoboken Cricket Club's New Favorite Spot! 🚀

26 Jan 2024

Dear Hoboken Cricket Club Members,

🎉 Hold onto your hats because we've got some electrifying news to share! 🎉

🌟 Introducing Ready Cricket Bats (RCB) 🌟

Ron Rameshwar, one of our very own, has taken the plunge and launched his own cricket store - and it's a game-changer, folks! Get ready to experience cricket bat heaven at RCB!

🏏 Bats Ready to Rock! 🏏

  • Preparation Process:
    • Step 1: 2-day oiling process (if needed).
    • Step 2: 15000 machine knocking-in process, ensuring bats are match-ready.
    • Step 3: Hand knocking of toe with wooden mallet and rounding of edges.

💰 Exclusive Deals for Hoboken Cricket Club Members 💰

  • For just $60, get your bat fully prepared and match-ready, even if you bought it elsewhere! 🛠️
  • Explore over 50 cricket bats from the world-famous Gray Nicolls, handpicked from their factories in Australia, England, and India! 🌍

🎨 Personalization Galore! 🎨

  • Add a personal touch with laser engraving services, with an exclusive $10 discount for Hoboken Cricket Club members! 🔥

👟 Gear Up Like a Pro! 👟

  • Besides top-notch bats, RCB offers a full range of cricket shoes and batting gloves, with a sweet 10% discount for Hoboken Cricket Club members when purchased with a bat! 🏃‍♂️🧤

🚀 Be the First to Experience RCB! 🚀

  • As part of our Hoboken Cricket Club, you get VIP access to explore and purchase from RCB before it goes live on their website! 🎟️

📞 For more details, contact Ron directly at 516-451-6227.

Let's rally behind Ron and RCB as they shake up the cricket scene in the USA! Spread the word, show your support, and let's make RCB the go-to destination for all cricket enthusiasts!

Best of luck, Ron, on this incredible venture, and let's show Ron some support!

Cheers to exciting times ahead!

Best regards,

Hoboken Cricket Club 🏏